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    We are happy to announce that VHS yearbook is working with our yearbook company to take self portraits for the yearbook.  This is for grades 9 through 11, however 12th grade students can still utilize this program to take advantage of the virtual student ID function.  Please see the below flyer for detailed instructions.  Please remember that it needs to be done by December 18th.  Below are some additional tips to locate your student ID number to complete the process found on the flyer.

    Directions for finding your Student ID
    AERIES phone/mobile app
    1 - log into your aeries account
    2 - go to the bottom and look for the tree dot symbol “...” and the word “More”
    3 - click on that, and then go to “Demographics”
    4 - under demographics you will be able to scroll down and see your “Permanent ID”

    AERIES website
    1 - log into your aeries account
    2 - go to the tab “Student Info”
    3 - under that tab will be a section titled “Demographics”, click on that
    4 - your student ID should be near the top left, and will be labeled under “Permanent ID”


    VHS Yearbook Portrait Instructions