• Athletic Eligibility and Course Grades

    Athletic eligibility is based on California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) regulations. To remain eligible, students are required to be passing at least five (5) classes, carry a minimum total weighted grade point average of 2.0 prior to and during the season of sport, and maintain good academic credit standing (within 12.5 credits of grade level equivalent). Athletes who fail to meet any of these requirements during any quarter grading period will become ineligible until the next grading quarter. If at the next grading quarter the athlete continues to be in violation of any eligibility category, they will remain ineligible. This standard applies to athletic managers as well as incoming freshman fall sport athletes, including but not limited to football, girls volleyball, cheer, or cross country.

    During an ineligibility period, students may not travel with the group or be dismissed from class for contest or performances. The ineligible student’s level of involvement with the group during practice is at the discretion of each coach/advisor.

    Acton Agua Dulce Unified School District’s policy requires that students attend all classes on the day of contests or performances, except for medical or dental appointments that are unable to be scheduled at another time. Parents must contact the attendance office to seek administrative approval no later than the day prior to the appointment to secure eligibility for the contest or performance scheduled for the day of the medical or dental appointment.