• Transcript Request

    Parents/students must request transcripts in writing.  Please send all requests to Registrar/Records Clerk

    Please complete Transcript Request Form.  If unable to download the file, please include the following in an email to Registrar/Records Clerk:   lgalbreath@aadusd.k12.ca.us

    • Entire legal name (at graduation)
    • Year graduated
    • "Official" (sealed envelope, signature and school stamp) or "Unofficial" (standard copy of transcript)
    • Birthdate
    • Address you would like Registrar to send transcript copy (i.e. mailing address or email)
    • PLEASE NOTE - Official transcripts cannot be emailed to students.  Official transcripts can only be forwarded to requesting party.

    If OVER 18, Requests MUST come from the student, not family members or friends, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please be advised we cannot overnight or expedite transcripts.

    If you have any questions regarding transcripts, the Records Clerk may be reached at 661-269-0451 x102