• Homework Policy


    Homework is the time students spend outside the classroom on assigned activities to practice, reinforce, or apply acquired skills and knowledge.

    Homework Philosophy

    Homework presents an opportunity for students to:  (A) prepare for new topics, (B) practice skills, (C) elaborate on introduced material, and (D) show progress towards District and California State Standards.  Homework affords the teacher an opportunity to determine if students have a grasp for the subject being taught; it affords the students an opportunity to test their understanding of the material taught. 

    VHS encourages the assignment of homework and expects the work to be done by the students and used by the teachers as a part of the evaluation of students’ academic progress and wishes parents to be aware of this philosophy along with the following guidelines and procedures.

    Students will:

    • Monitor Aeries weekly and ask teachers for clarification or help when necessary
    • Write down homework assignments including instructions
    • Ask questions when necessary to clarify the assignment
    • Plan time for completion of assignments
    • Complete 2 -3 hours of homework each night
    • Turn in neat, accurate, and meaningful products on time
    • Request and hand in homework which was assigned while absent

    Parents /Guardians will:

    • Monitor Aeries weekly and contact teachers via email for grade clarification
    • Provide a suitable place for study (well lit, free from distraction), whenever possible
    • Help their child develop routine study habits (same time, same place)
    • Assist their child in learning to budget time effectively, especially for long term assignments
    • Show an interest in the homework being done, but not do the work for their child
    • Support their child in obtaining make-up work due to absences
    • Ensure that their child has adequate supplies ( pen , pencil, paper, notebook) on a daily basis
    • Contact the teacher by letter, phone, or email when they have a concern regarding their child’s homework assignments

    Teachers will:

    • Post homework assignments, give clear, concise directions, allow time for student questions, consider availability of materials, and provide options when needed
    • Ensure that students know how they may make-up homework when absent
    • Maintain a clear and careful record of all graded homework done by students
    • Give timely and specific feedback on homework
    • monitor long-term assignments in order to avoid last minute student efforts, whenever possible