VHS juniors and seniors may be eligible to apply for “Special Admission” status at College of Canyons or at Antelope Valley College. Concurrent course work shall be for elective credit only, unless, specifically authorized by the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District.

    Title 5 of the State Educational Code (48800.5) and 76001 (a), (b) and (h) indicates that minor students may take college classes that are for “advanced scholastic or vocational education and for which they have demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied and have availed themselves of all opportunities to enroll in an equivalent course at their school of attendance.” The intent is to provide educational enrichment opportunities for eligible minor students. Students who enroll in college level classes will find them challenging.  As a result, interested students must demonstrate to VHS administration that they meet the academic prerequisites and possess a strong enough work ethic to receive permission to enroll in college courses.


    To start the enrollment process, please click on the links below:

     COC  AVC