Interscholastic athletics is a voluntary program. Students are not obligated to participate and participation is not required for graduation. Thus, competition in high school athletics is a privilege and not a right. Accompanying this privilege is the responsibility to conform to standards established for the high school athletic program. This privilege may be revoked if the athlete fails or refuses to comply with the rules.


    Philosophy – We believe at Vasquez High School that being involved in athletics provides our students with opportunities to develop athleticism, good sportsmanship, develop leadership skills and the ideals of fair play and ethical behavior that are necessary for competition and cooperation in our society. It should also provide our students with unique opportunities for self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and loyalty to the community, the school and the team. We encourage all students to participate in athletics by offering a well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics for young men and women.


    Desert Mountain League – For most of our sports, VHS competes in the Southern Section of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).


    Sports and Seasons – VHS fields boys and girls teams each season. CIF teams at Vasquez High School are listed below. Cheer is an upcoming CIF sport with details of competition and season of sport undetermined at the time of publication.


    Fall Sports: Aug - Nov                    Winter Sports: Nov – Feb            Spring Sports: Feb- May

    Football                                            Boys & Girls Basketball                   Baseball

    Girls Volleyball                                 Boys & Girls Soccer                         Softball

    Co-Ed Cross-country                                                                                Co-Ed Swim

                                                                                                                        Boys Volleyball

                                                                                                                        Co-Ed Track

    Multi-Sport Athletes - A student athlete must complete the full season and any post-season games before trying out for the next season’s team. All multi-sport athletes will have an opportunity to try out for a team in a subsequent season, even if the season has started. In addition, an athlete cannot leave a team during the season to join another team; they must wait until that team has completed its regular season. That includes being dismissed from a team for any reason. No athlete can participate in more than one sport in any season.


    Off-Season Workouts - Off-season workouts are voluntary for the student athletes. Coaches may not require students to participate in off-season workouts because doing so turns the workouts into practices and violates league rules. Coaches may explain the benefits of pre-season workouts and suggest conditioning regimens. The choice of attendance is up to the student athlete.


    Uniforms and Equipment – When student athletes are issued uniforms and equipment belonging to Vasquez High School, all equipment and uniforms must be returned to the head coach or athletic director within 7 days of the last game. A student will be charged for the replacement cost of uniforms and grades/schedules will not be released until all obligations are met.


    Illegal and Performance Enhancing Substances - Any athlete found to be in possession of or involved in the use of alcohol, tobacco, smokeless tobacco or narcotics during the season, while attending school or at any VHS sponsored activity, will be suspended from athletics for a period of time determined by the VHS Administration.

    Performance enhancing substances are strictly prohibited. The Board recognizes that the use of androgenic/anabolic steroids (“steroids”) and other performance-enhancing supplements presents a serious health and safety hazard. As part of the District's drug prevention and intervention efforts, the Superintendent or designee and staff shall make every effort to ensure that students do not begin or continue the use of steroids or other performance-enhancing supplements. Students in grades 7-12 shall receive a lesson on the effects of steroids as part of their health, physical education or drug education program.

    Before participating in interscholastic athletics, a student athlete and his/her parent/guardian shall sign an agreement that the student athlete shall not use steroids, unless the student has a written prescription from a fully licensed physician, as recognized by the American Medical Association, to treat a medical condition.

    A student athletic who is found to have violated the agreement or this policy shall be restricted from participating in athletics and shall be subject to disciplinary procedures including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion in accordance with law, board policies and administrative regulations.


    Team Transportation – All team members and student managers are required to ride with the team to all athletic contests. At this time busses or school vans are arranged for all Vasquez teams competing in authorized competitions. Only school employees with (proper paperwork filed) may drive the school vans. For emergencies only and with prior written approval from the school administration, parents may drive athletes using their own cars. All appropriate District required paperwork, must be provided to the Athletic Director/Principal no less than three days before the scheduled athletic event. Additionally, all Vasquez student athletes are expected to come home with their team and coaches following athletic competitions using district supplied transportation. Only in unusual and unique circumstances may athletes request permission to be released from using the required transportation provided to the team by the school and district. In such unique cases, parents must complete all appropriate District required paperwork and have the approval of the principal no less than three days before the scheduled athletic event.


    ASB Activities Card Sticker– Students participating in athletics are highly encouraged to purchase an ASB Card Sticker to affix to their student ID card. Stickers can be purchased during registration or in the main office for $35. ASB funds support all athletic programs by paying the fees for referees and officials.  The sticker provides students with valuable discounts in excess of $100 at various school athletic events and other school activities.


    Additional Team Member Costs - Other costs may be incurred for personal items required for each sport. The level of this expense primarily depends on the market price and quality of items. Every effort is made to keep the expense to a minimum. Student athletes are expected to help raise funds to defer the cost of additional items and to help build their individual team program.


    Eligibility Requirements - All participating athletes are required to abide by the CIF eligibility requirements as well as the VHS Athletic Code. Students may obtain a copy from the Athletics/Activities Office.     A mandatory physical is required each year along with proper athletic forms. 

    In order to emphasize the importance of academic achievement the following constitutes the minimum requirements for student participation in athletics and student activities:

    1. A grade point average of “C” (2.0) in all classes.
    2. Attendance in all periods of school on days of competition
    3. May not have more than one “F” grade.
    4. May not receive more than one “F, NM, NC” in citizenship in a grading period.
    5. In addition to the above eligibility requirements students must demonstrate progress toward graduation through the accumulation of credits:
      • 60 credits by the beginning of the sophomore year
      • 120 credits by the beginning of the junior year
      • 180 credits by the beginning of the senior year
    6. Eligibility will be checked each quarter.  Should an individual fall below the above requirements the student will not be eligible for participation in athletics or activities during the next nine-week grading period.
    7. All transfer students outside the district must also meet eligibility requirements as well as CIF requirements in order to participate.
    8. Students are not declared “re-eligible” until the computer printout is issued (approximately one week after each grading period). Athletes become eligible and ineligible on the Monday after grades are officially posted.
    9. It is the responsibility of the student to see the counselor at the beginning of the fall semester if he/she feels that their summer grades have affected their eligibility.
    10. The Athletic Director/ Administrator will clear all students involved in athletics after meeting the eligibility requirements. NOTE: Summer school grades may not necessarily improve eligibility. The following factors are to be considered:
    • A summer class can replace a failed spring semester class only when the class is an exact duplicate.
    • A summer class will be added to spring semester classes if it is not a duplicate. This will affect GPA because you would divide total grade points by seven instead of six.
    • Summer school proficiency classes do not count toward the GPA.This standard applies to athletic managers as well as incoming freshman fall sport athletes, including but not limited to football, girls volleyball, cheer, or cross country.Co-curricular eligibility is also based on maintaining a minimum total weighted GPA of 2.0 at each quarter, although co-curricular students may regain eligibility at the next five week reporting period if the GPA deficit is recovered to a 2.0 or above. Eligibility in this context refers to participation in course or club-specific extracurricular activities outside of the school day. Co-curricular groups at Vasquez are ASB, yearbook/journalism, dance, The Heard advanced vocal group, stagecraft, drama, video production, broadcast journalism, and rodeo.During an ineligibility period, students may not travel with the group or be dismissed from class for contest or performances. The ineligible student’s level of involvement with the group during practice is at the discretion of each coach/advisor.Acton Agua Dulce Unified School District’s policy requires that students attend all classes on the day of contests or performances, except for medical or dental appointments that are unable to be scheduled at another time. Parents must contact the attendance office to seek administrative approval no later than the day prior to the appointment to secure eligibility for the contest or performance scheduled for the day of the medical or dental appointment.  


    CIF Code of Ethics – Students must sign the CIF Code of Ethics. Athletics is an integral part of the school’s total educational program. All school activities, curricular and extra­curricular, in the classroom and on the playing field, must be congruent with the school’s stated goals and objectives established for the intellectual, physical, social and moral development of its students. It is within this context that the following Code of Ethics is presented.

    As an athlete, I understand that it is my responsibility to: 

    1. Place academic achievement as the highest priority.
    2. Show respect for teammates, opponents, officials and coaches.
    3. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
    4. Exhibit fair play, sportsmanship and proper conduct on and off the playing field.
    5. Maintain a high level of safety awareness.
    6. Refrain from the use of profanity, vulgarity and other offensive language and gestures.
    7. Adhere to the established rules and standards of the game to be played.
    8. Respect all equipment and use it safely and appropriately.
    9. Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal and non-prescriptive drugs, anabolic steroids or any substance to increase physical development or performance that is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Surgeon General of the United States or American Medical Association.
    10. Know and follow all state, section and school athletic rules and regulations as they pertain to eligibility and sports participation.
    11. Win with character, lose with dignity.


    Age Requirement – No student, whose 19th birthday is attained prior to June 15, shall participate or practice on any team in the following school year. A student, whose 19th birthday is on or before June 14, is ineligible.   A student may not compete on a freshman team after he or she has reached his or her 16th birthday on or before June 15 preceding the start of the academic year. A student may not compete on a sophomore or frosh-soph team after he or she has reached his or her 17th birthday on or before June 15 preceding the start of the academic year. Students attending high school for more than eight semesters are ineligible for interscholastic athletics.


    Insurance - A prospective athlete must have parental consent, a physical examination, and specific insurance coverage in order to participate in tryouts. All student athletes must be cleared before being allowed to try out.California law prescribes that students participating in inter-scholastic sports must carry a minimum of $1,500 accident/health insurance. Supplying and verifying coverage is a parental responsibility, not a school responsibility. Before you may participate in a VHS sport activity, your parents will need to examine (or have your insurance agent examine with you) your insurance policies and certify on the Parental Consent and Athletic Eligibility Card the type of policy, the company’s registered number of the policy, if any, and the limits of coverage. This certification process should be started well in advance of the first day of tryouts.If you do not already have the necessary coverage under your parent’s insurance, voluntary minimum insurance may be purchased through a variety of vendors. The school provides information in the Main Office regarding student insurance policies at no profit to the school. This policy covers approximately 80% of medical expenses. The state no longer requires a student to have life insurance before participating in school athletics. Student insurance will offer an optional life insurance policy for those who wish to purchase life insurance. The Parental Consent and Athletic Eligibility Card is available in the Main Office. With parent signature, the card indicates certification of the required insurance coverage and approval of a student’s participation. It must be filed in the Athletic Office before students begin tryouts or practice.


    Conflicts With Other School Events - Athletes may request to miss a practice or game in order to participate in another academic or extra-curricular school activity such as college nights, various school activities or performances. Athletes must recognize that missed practices or games may result in reduced playing time in future contests.


    Scholar Athlete Awards - Student athletes are awarded a scholar athlete award if they achieve a 3.5 or higher total weighted GPA during the season of sport. A season of sport is defined as the quarter in which the majority of league games are played. Full-time virtual students qualify for scholar athlete by achieving a 3.5 or higher total GPA while completing at least six courses (five for seniors) during the semester of sport.