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    HDS Continues the
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    Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

    Our Mission:

    Perpetuate the Medal of Honor's legacy through outreach and collaborative efforts.

    MOHSlogo Raise funds for initatives that promote what the Medal of Honor represents, operation of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society headquarters, and the public service activities of the Society's exclusive membership. Promote American values and the qualities of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism through increased awareness, education, behavior, and example.

    Our Values:

      • Courage. We embrace the indomitable courage demonstrated by the recipients of America’s highest military honor for valor as an ideal that should endure in all ways of life.

      • Sacrifice. We support sacrifice and service above self as principles that all Americans should strive for as citizens of a free and prosperous nation.

      • Patriotism. We promote love of country and are committed to support and defend the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

      • Citizenship. We believe that America’s destiny lies in its youth and are committed to helping them become worthy citizens of our country in the belief that ordinary Americans have the potential to challenge fate and change the course of history.

      • Integrity. We believe that the mark of a true hero is to have the moral courage to do what needs to be done because it is the right thing to do.

      • Commitment. We steadfastly support the valiant men and women who serve their country in the same spirit of commitment and sacrifice as those who preceded them.

    Our Goals:

    • Educate and raise awareness in the American public about the Medal of Honor and what it represents by promoting the values of courage, sacrifice and selfless service, and patriotism through outreach, education, and example.

    • Establish a fundraising program that will sustain Foundation and Society programs and objectives and support the operation of the Society headquarters and the public service activities of Medal of Honor recipients.

    • Provide direct Foundation support to Society programs and operations and support the public service activities of Medal of Honor recipients.

    • Establish a world-class nonprofit operation that fulfills the goals, objectives, and purposes of the Foundation.

    Board of Directors:

    You can view the full board of directors at the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation website.