Grading Policy - Stay Gold Senior Scholarship - Fireside Chat #7

Posted by Mr. Larry King on 5/12/2020

This grading practice and philosophy is in alignment with our recently Board-adopted strategic plan, The Gold Standard. Specifically,  “A safe and respectful environment is essential to student success. We foster a culture that promotes the emotional health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and parents (Gold Standard 4.0).”  

The guiding principle for developing the recommended policy in the Board Agenda is based on equity for all students.  Please refer to the Board Agenda for Thursday, May 14, 2020, item 9a.  

Our seniors were offered the opportunity to apply for five scholarships, each worth $500.  I am proud to announce our 5 recipients who will each be receiving a $500 scholarship:


  • Sean Ho (Ben) Lee
  • Caroline Fox
  • Jolene Wessel
  • Arturo Portillo
  • Kacy Arguelles


Mr. Brockway will again be recognizing and celebrating our awardees in the near future.  Congratulations to all of our winners.  

I appreciate your patience.  In order to ensure our grading policy was in alignment with County and State parameters, we needed time.  We needed time to understand the parameters and options, time to establish a policy that fit our District's needs, and time to meet with the Acton Agua Dulce Teachers’ Association.  Thank you for helping us get through this challenging time.