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  • Grading Policy - Stay Gold Senior Scholarship - Fireside Chat #7

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 5/12/2020

    This grading practice and philosophy is in alignment with our recently Board-adopted strategic plan, The Gold Standard. Specifically,  “A safe and respectful environment is essential to student success. We foster a culture that promotes the emotional health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and parents (Gold Standard 4.0).”  

    The guiding principle for developing the recommended policy in the Board Agenda is based on equity for all students.  Please refer to the Board Agenda for Thursday, May 14, 2020, item 9a.  

    Our seniors were offered the opportunity to apply for five scholarships, each worth $500.  I am proud to announce our 5 recipients who will each be receiving a $500 scholarship:


    • Sean Ho (Ben) Lee
    • Caroline Fox
    • Jolene Wessel
    • Arturo Portillo
    • Kacy Arguelles


    Mr. Brockway will again be recognizing and celebrating our awardees in the near future.  Congratulations to all of our winners.  

    I appreciate your patience.  In order to ensure our grading policy was in alignment with County and State parameters, we needed time.  We needed time to understand the parameters and options, time to establish a policy that fit our District's needs, and time to meet with the Acton Agua Dulce Teachers’ Association.  Thank you for helping us get through this challenging time.    


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  • Fireside Chat #6 AADUSD 05-05-2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 5/5/2020

    This week, May 4 - 8, is staff appreciation week. During the past 2 years, we’ve had BBQs, delivered food to sites, bought business cards for all of our employees, and done our best to recognize them for all they do for our students. This year was a challenge given the current situation. I have sat in on several video conference platform classrooms this week. I have sat in on leadership class, performing arts, and chemistry. Please join me this week in sharing your gratitude for our teachers. Is there a teacher who comes to mind when you think of someone who had a positive impact on your life?

    I had several teachers, but one of my favorites was Mr. Ted Snyder. He was a math teacher who has long since retired. I was struggling in math and Mr. Snyder made the material fun, easy to understand, and engaging. It was partly because of him that I later became a math teacher.

    Then there was Tom. Tom wasn’t a classroom teacher. Tom was a bus driver. I remember seeing Tom every morning as I got on the bus. He always had a smile and made me laugh. Is there a custodian, bus driver, secretary, office clerk, instructional aide, or other non-teaching employee that makes a difference in your life?

    Please take some time to say thank you to a staff member. Is there someone who made a difference in your life? Or is there someone currently making a difference in the lives of your students? Think about writing a note, recording a video message, or sending a text to that person.

    On behalf of Board President, Mr. Pfalzgraf, and all of our Board Trustees, we are thankful to have such a dedicated staff. By executive order of the state governor, Gavin Newsom, school employees are considered an essential service. Our employees are not only essential, but they are committed and present. Thank you for your time and have a good evening. #aadusdstaygold #actonschooldistrict #aadusd #gohawks #gomeadowlarks #gomustangs #firesidechat #staffappreciationweek

    Larry King

    AADUSD Superintendent


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  • Fireside Chat #5 04/28/2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 4/28/2020

    I hope you are doing well and that you are all keeping safe and healthy. This evening I would like to share information about our Distance Learning Plan. If you go to the District website you will see that we have reorganized the format and clearly displayed our distance learning plan. From the Homepage you can access the At Home Learning Dashboard, meal information, instructional enrichment and parent resources, distance learning tech support, and online tutorials.

    Last Friday I served meals alongside our food service workers at HDS for a couple of hours. In the past 5 days they have served over 1400 meals. As a side note, this is part of an extended summer meal service program that is fully reimbursable by the government.

    I spoke to parents as they drove through to pick up their meals. I asked the same questions of our parents: How are you and your family doing? How are we doing on instructional delivery? Are able to access the instructional materials? Has our educational team made ourselves accessible to you and your students?

    What I learned is that our site administrators and teachers are doing an excellent job of ensuring that continuous learning is a reality for our students despite the challenge of adjusting to the new format. I also learned that many families are dealing with financial challenges in addition to balancing the educational needs of their students. Parents have taught me that not only are our students resilient, but the Acton-Agua Dulce community is tenacious and has plenty of grit.

    We know a lot about grit in AAD. Anyone who lives in Acton or Agua Dulce knows what grit is. They know that living here we are always dealing with small particles of sand or stone. We get grit in our houses, on our cars, in the tires, and on our clothes and shoes. But grit is also courage, resolve, and strength of character. We’ve talked about Growth Mindset for the past 3 years. What we are all doing here together is a living example of flexibility, adaptation, tenacity, and perseverance. Please continue to implement safe and healthy practices at home. Thank you for your time and have a good evening.
    #aadusdstaygold #actonschooldistrict #aadusd #gohawks #gomeadowlarks #gomustangs #firesidechat

    Larry King

    AADUSD Superintendent



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  • Fireside Chat #4 04/20/2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 4/20/2020

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  • Fireside Chat #3 - We Are All Mustangs! 04-06-2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 4/6/2020

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  • COVID-19 Announcements 4/2/2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 4/2/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Good evening parents and students.  This is Mr. King, superintendent of the AADUSD.  The message from Governor Gavin Newsom, State Superintendent of Instruction, Tony Thurmond, and LACOE Superintendent, Dr. Debra Duardo, has been consistent over the past 48 hours.  They have all recommended that schools across the state remain closed through the remainder of the school year. 

    The decision to close a school rests within the scope of the local school board and superintendent, at least at this point in time.  I am in agreement that keeping our schools closed to the public for the remainder of the school year is the most prudent thing to do for the protection of our students, staff, families, and community members. 

    This is an extremely difficult recommendation I will be making to the Board of Education next Thursday evening.  Pending Board approval of my recommendation we will continue to provide instruction for the remainder of the school year through distance learning.  This is not an early start to a summer break.  Our teachers, administrators, and support staff have worked extremely hard to ensure your student’s education continues. 

    In Los Angeles County the number of people who have tested positive for the coronavirus continues to rise each day.  It is my opinion that we must continue to do our part by practicing social distancing whenever and wherever possible. 

    Students, our teachers are here for you.  Please know you can request to speak to your teacher anytime.  They will make time for you as they always have.  Parents, the same applies to you.  We know how difficult this is.  Many of our teachers have their own children at home and understand firsthand the challenges you are facing. 

    While I know many of us are angry, hurt, sad, or frustrated that all the amazing activities that normally take place at the end of the school year are now cancelled, at least any live version of those activities.  We have to find new and innovative ways to celebrate student successes through the use of technology such as live video streaming.  We owe that to our students. 

    Thank you, be safe, be healthy, and have a good evening.

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  • Anuncios de COVID-19 4/2/2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 4/2/2020

    Buenas tardes padres y alumnos. Este es el Sr. King, superintendente de AADUSD. El mensaje del Gobernador Gavin Newsom, el Superintendente de Instrucción del Estado, Tony Thurmond, y el Superintendente de LACOE, Dra. Debra Duardo, ha sido constante durante las últimas 48 horas. Todos han recomendado que las escuelas en todo el estado permanezcan cerradas durante el resto del año escolar.

    La decisión de cerrar una escuela está dentro del alcance de la junta escolar local y el superintendente, al menos en este momento. Estoy de acuerdo en que mantener nuestras escuelas cerradas al público por el resto de los años escolares es lo más prudente para proteger a nuestros estudiantes, personal, familias y miembros de la comunidad.

    Esta es una recomendación extremadamente difícil que haré a la Junta de Educación el próximo jueves por la noche. En espera de la aprobación de mi recomendación por parte de la Junta, continuaremos brindando instrucción para el resto de la escuela a través del aprendizaje a distancia. Este no es un comienzo temprano para las vacaciones de verano. Nuestros maestros, administradores y personal de apoyo han trabajado muy duro para garantizar que la educación de sus estudiantes continúe.

    En el condado de Los Ángeles, el número de personas que dieron positivo para el coronavirus continúa aumentando cada día. Es mi opinión que debemos continuar haciendo nuestra parte practicando el distanciamiento social siempre que sea posible. Somos una función esencial y, por lo tanto, continuamos operando en todas las áreas de mantenimiento, operaciones, nómina, contabilidad, personal e instrucción. La forma en que llevamos a cabo este trabajo ha cambiado drásticamente y estamos agradecidos por su paciencia y comprensión.

    Estudiantes, nuestros maestros están aquí para ustedes. Tenga en cuenta que puede solicitar hablar con su maestro en cualquier momento. Te harán tiempo como siempre lo han hecho. Padres, lo mismo se aplica a ustedes. Sabemos lo difícil que es esto. Muchos de nuestros maestros tienen sus propios hijos en casa y entienden de primera mano los desafíos que enfrenta.

    Si bien sé que muchos de nosotros estamos enojados, heridos, tristes o frustrados porque todas las actividades increíbles que normalmente tienen lugar al final del año escolar ahora se cancelan, al menos cualquier versión en vivo de esas actividades. Tenemos que encontrar formas nuevas e innovadoras para celebrar los éxitos de los estudiantes mediante el uso de tecnología como la transmisión de video en vivo. Se lo debemos a nuestros estudiantes.

    Gracias, esté seguro, saludable y que tenga una buena noche.

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  • Fireside Chat #2 03/29/2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 3/29/2020

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  • Fireside Chat #1 03/22/2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 3/22/2020

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  • AADUSD Community Update 3-16-2020

    Posted by Mr. Larry King on 3/16/2020


    Good afternoon AADUSD staff and families.

    I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy. As we all know the virus will continue to spread so please continue with the Big 5: handwashing, avoid touching your face, avoid close contact with people who are sick, clean and disinfect frequently, and use a tissue when you cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue away.

    At this time our schools remain closed through Friday, March 27, 2020. We will continue to keep you posted.

    Last Thursday we developed a Distance Learning Instructional Committee, composed of teachers and administrators. I would like to thank our teachers for working expeditiously to get materials prepared for our students. Enrichment materials are online at this time. The District is also preparing lesson plans and instructional materials that extend beyond the 2 weeks. Additionally, we will be prepared if the closures continue for an extended period of time so that students are afforded every opportunity to continue with their education either online and/or through prepared packets.

    We are also planning to sign out Chromebooks to students who do not have access to electronic learning devices larger than mobile phones.

    Last Friday, I met with a group of teachers, classified employees, teachers, and administrators. The group of 20 assisted me in developing a timeline and plan for moving forward. I will continue to meet with this group through teleconferencing software twice a week or on an as needed basis.

    Tonight I will be attending an online meeting with LACOE Superintendent, Dr. Debra Duardo. We continue to get daily and sometimes hourly updates, recommendations, and advisals from county and state entities.

    I am working on developing a format for our next Board Meeting which is scheduled for Thursday, March 26, 2020. I would like to thank Board President, Mr. Ken Pfalzgraf, Vice President, Kelly Jensen, Clerk, Tim Jorgenson, Board Member, Brandon Roque, and immediate past president, Mike Fox, for their continued support.

    I will continue to update the community each Monday, unless there is a need for more frequent updates.

    Thank you and have a good day.

    Lawrence M. King
    Superintendent, Acton Agua Dulce USD

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