Fireside Chat #6 AADUSD 05-05-2020

Posted by Mr. Larry King on 5/5/2020

This week, May 4 - 8, is staff appreciation week. During the past 2 years, we’ve had BBQs, delivered food to sites, bought business cards for all of our employees, and done our best to recognize them for all they do for our students. This year was a challenge given the current situation. I have sat in on several video conference platform classrooms this week. I have sat in on leadership class, performing arts, and chemistry. Please join me this week in sharing your gratitude for our teachers. Is there a teacher who comes to mind when you think of someone who had a positive impact on your life?

I had several teachers, but one of my favorites was Mr. Ted Snyder. He was a math teacher who has long since retired. I was struggling in math and Mr. Snyder made the material fun, easy to understand, and engaging. It was partly because of him that I later became a math teacher.

Then there was Tom. Tom wasn’t a classroom teacher. Tom was a bus driver. I remember seeing Tom every morning as I got on the bus. He always had a smile and made me laugh. Is there a custodian, bus driver, secretary, office clerk, instructional aide, or other non-teaching employee that makes a difference in your life?

Please take some time to say thank you to a staff member. Is there someone who made a difference in your life? Or is there someone currently making a difference in the lives of your students? Think about writing a note, recording a video message, or sending a text to that person.

On behalf of Board President, Mr. Pfalzgraf, and all of our Board Trustees, we are thankful to have such a dedicated staff. By executive order of the state governor, Gavin Newsom, school employees are considered an essential service. Our employees are not only essential, but they are committed and present. Thank you for your time and have a good evening. #aadusdstaygold #actonschooldistrict #aadusd #gohawks #gomeadowlarks #gomustangs #firesidechat #staffappreciationweek

Larry King

AADUSD Superintendent