Fireside Chat #5 04/28/2020

Posted by Mr. Larry King on 4/28/2020

I hope you are doing well and that you are all keeping safe and healthy. This evening I would like to share information about our Distance Learning Plan. If you go to the District website you will see that we have reorganized the format and clearly displayed our distance learning plan. From the Homepage you can access the At Home Learning Dashboard, meal information, instructional enrichment and parent resources, distance learning tech support, and online tutorials.

Last Friday I served meals alongside our food service workers at HDS for a couple of hours. In the past 5 days they have served over 1400 meals. As a side note, this is part of an extended summer meal service program that is fully reimbursable by the government.

I spoke to parents as they drove through to pick up their meals. I asked the same questions of our parents: How are you and your family doing? How are we doing on instructional delivery? Are able to access the instructional materials? Has our educational team made ourselves accessible to you and your students?

What I learned is that our site administrators and teachers are doing an excellent job of ensuring that continuous learning is a reality for our students despite the challenge of adjusting to the new format. I also learned that many families are dealing with financial challenges in addition to balancing the educational needs of their students. Parents have taught me that not only are our students resilient, but the Acton-Agua Dulce community is tenacious and has plenty of grit.

We know a lot about grit in AAD. Anyone who lives in Acton or Agua Dulce knows what grit is. They know that living here we are always dealing with small particles of sand or stone. We get grit in our houses, on our cars, in the tires, and on our clothes and shoes. But grit is also courage, resolve, and strength of character. We’ve talked about Growth Mindset for the past 3 years. What we are all doing here together is a living example of flexibility, adaptation, tenacity, and perseverance. Please continue to implement safe and healthy practices at home. Thank you for your time and have a good evening.
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Larry King

AADUSD Superintendent