• Welcome

    Welcome to Meadowlark Elementary School!

    Here at Meadowlark, the staff aims to provide all students with a sense of belonging, honor the whole student, and provide a place for each student to be successful. We value each student’s uniqueness and the gifts they bring to our Meadowlark family.  

    The staff at Meadowlark has great things planned for the 2022-2023 school year. Teachers will begin introducing AVID strategies to our learners, preparing all students to be career and college ready. As always, our teachers have been busy preparing to provide quality learning experiences. 

    We are opening our brand new Makerspace Lab where students can explore their creativity and engage in authentic design thinking challenges.  All students, at all levels, will be able to grow their capabilities and reshape their vision of what is possible. 

    ASMO is continuing to provide quality music education. The value of music in student education cannot be understated. All research on the topic provides evidence that an education rich in music improves students' cognitive function and academic performance. Students learn better when music is part of their school curriculum. This year our 3rd and 4th graders will learn how to play our brand new Ukuleles. 

    Our counseling department is preparing social/ emotional lessons and activities. We are working on bullying prevention, building self-esteem, and developing self-advocacy. 

    Meadowlark’s amazing PTO and ELAC are busy planning community events. These events will be posted on our calendar. Both of these groups provide a wonderful opportunity to be engaged in your student's education. Research also shows that students do better when caregivers are involved in their educational community. 

    Thank you to all the staff, families, and community members who have worked diligently to help ensure all of our Meadowlarks Fly High!