Acton-Agua Dulce Unified

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    The Board of Trustees represents the people of the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District as the elected body created to determine, establish, and uphold the educational policies of the District. In this capacity, the Board functions under the laws of the State of California but is free to plan for an educational program tailored to both the needs of the communities served. The following information is provided to assist the communities in understanding the proceedings and to participate in those proceedings.



    Ken Pfalzgraf 
    Current Term:  2022-2026




    Lester Mascon
    Current Term:  2022-2026




    Brianna Taksony
    Current Term:  2022-2024




    Dr. Jorge De Jesus
    Current Term:  2023-2024





    William Mayes
    Current Term:  2022-2024  




    Addressing the Board
    There are different ways individuals may choose to address the Board. Those who wish to request an agenda item may do so by submitting in writing to the Superintendent, with supporting documents and information, a request at least eight school days prior to a scheduled meeting date. For matters not on the agenda, there is an opportunity for individuals to address the Board when the Board President requests comments from the public under Items 1.7 and 10.0. The Board shall not take action on such items at that meeting. Those wishing to address agenda items may do so if and when recognized by the Board President after filling out the “yellow request card” provided at the meeting.

    No one will be permitted to present orally or to discuss at any meeting of the Board any charges against individuals connected with the District until a proper hearing can be arranged. Any person wishing to file a complaint must file a written statement using the “Complaint Against An Employee Form B” with the Superintendent for Board review. This statement must include the charge or complaint and source of information. The Board, at the time of adoption of the agenda, will determine if the complaint will be heard in open or closed session.

    Regular Session
    In order to address the Board, please go to the podium once you have been recognized by the President. Speakers are expected to be courteous and to avoid any remarks which reflect adversely on the character or motives of any person or on his or her race, religion or political or economic views. (See Board Bylaw 9325 and Education Code 32210.)

    Closed Session
    While school board meetings must be open to the public, California law provides for closed sessions which are not open to the public when the Board is considering expulsions, suspensions, disciplinary actions in connection with any pupil, the appointment, employment, or dismissal of a public officer or employee, or consultation with an attorney. The individual may, however, request a public hearing. In addition, the Board may hold a closed session to discuss certain aspects of negotiations with employees.