Monday Message

Posted by Tess Toledo on 1/14/2019

Monday, January 14, 2019
Good evening Meadowlark families, this is your Principal, Mrs. Toledo with your Monday Message. Our Super Scholar this week is a student who is always ready to learn. He gives his best and makes good choices. Way to go Jackson Mandle from Mrs. Palacios’ class. For those of you that go through valet, please watch for Teachers and other adults handing out the yellow name cards. Using these cards really helps speed the valet process as we are able to call out names and get kids to the right spot and ready for you as you drive through. We will probably have a couple of days of inclement weather this week and the yellow cards are very helpful to speed up the valet process. Please be patient through the valet line and avoid getting out of your car and walking to the office. Teachers and office staff are doing their best to get you through the valet line as quickly as possible.Thank you to those who continue to use the name cards and again, if you need a new one, they will be available at the valet line from any adult and also in the pocket shelf in front of the office. Thank you for listening and have a good evening.