Class Of 2020

    10/22/20 (Email)

    I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the graduates of 2020 that filled out information on the last prom survey.  The results of that survey indicated that 30% of respondents were still wanting to wait to hold a prom; and about 15% indicated they would be interested in attending a combined 2021 prom if it was allowed by that time of the school year.  At this point, the decision has been made to begin refunding money that students paid for prom tickets.  Mrs. DeHemmer may reach out to you to verify where the money may be sent and if there are any questions that she might have regarding the refund.  While there was a small percentage of students wanting to potentially come to a combined 2021 prom, every graduate is welcome to attend.  Because we don't know what cost might be associated with tickets to any potential 2021 prom, all students who purchased a 2020 prom ticket will be refunded.  If the graduate is interested in the possibility of attending a combined 2021 prom, please fill out the information on this Google Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSctkd48eHWebNd6herwwQW2RAIDF0acY4-gPZm3A42z2uOTZw/viewform?usp=sf_link  so that we may more easily contact them if/when information may be available to send out.


    10/5/20 (Email)

    Good afternoon all; I wanted to send this message out again to encourage any graduates that may have forgotten to fill out the information on the Google Form.  I will be keeping the form open through the end of the week.  I hope all of you and your families are safe and healthy!


    9/25 (Email)

    I wanted to update everybody on a few things in regards to the Class of 2020, first and foremost, as it has been the message all along we still plan on having a graduation ceremony once the state/county allows gatherings.  As far as prom is concerned, I am going to be putting a link in this email, for us to gauge more clearly what continued interest there is from the graduates.  This link is for the student only, and they would have to sign in to their AADUSD email to fill it out.  Parents, please ask your graduate to fill out the information, it helps inform me of what their desires are.  I never want to assume how the graduates feel, and want to take into account their voices when discussing further options.  Lastly, Mrs. Dehemmer has started processing refunds for Grad Night, if she has not been in contact with you, or you have questions please email her at kdehemmer@aadusd.k12.ca.us and she will get back to you as soon as she can.  The link to the survey is below, please fill it out as soon as possible: